'Cheeky' Jack Russell Scares Off Approaching Elephant in Eastern Zambia

A small and ambitious Jack Russell terrier named Pepper was recorded scaring off an elephant in Mfuwe, Zambia, video uploaded on October 23 shows.Pepper’s owner, Nathalie, who runs the Instagram account @pepper.in.the.bush, recorded this video showing her feisty four-year-old dog staring intensely and growling as the elephant approaches.Nathalie told Storyful that elephants frequently visit her area in the dry season, and that this one elephant “decided to check the pool as a digestive, it seems.”“Not great for the animal, and Pepper thought the same,” Nathalie said.Pepper is then seen and heard charging and barking at the elephant, which causes the enormous animal to back off and trumpet.Nathalie said on Instagram that she was “not pleased” with Pepper for this behavior. “[Pepper] most certainly was corrected for trying to ‘correct’ the elephant,” she added. “She remains a cheeky Jack Russell.” Credit: @pepper.in.the.bush via Storyful

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